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Lisa Vastine

Los Angeles, California, 91325

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Los Angeles, California, 91325
United States

About Lisa Vastine

There are so many challenges in everyday life.
We all need a little help in this wild life. I coach with positive energy, tools from all of my studies, and knowing which questions to ask to get your brain to see what is going on and how to make your life better.
My goal is to get my clients results.

When you have a new awareness- that aha moment there is no turning back- only moving forward. You can have the life you want.

I can coach anyone on any problem they are having. I have weight loss clients, people who are searching for more meaning in their life, women considering ending a relationship, career change- you name it-
I specialize in helping women regain their confidence, trust and peace in themselves.
I know this well. I hav been through all of the doubt, low self esteem, and making choices that weren't best for me because I did not know my value.
I finally do and my life has completely changed. I do not settle anymore and it's easy.

It is my passion to help anyone who is suffering to live the life they were meant to.
Let's tackle these problems together!