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Mark Langford

Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, California
United States

About Mark Langford

I can help you land a fantastic job, found a successful entrepreneurial venture, become a revered company leader, and/or increase your compensation. 

Why am I so sure?

Because I've done all those things myself - several times over.

I've transitioned industries 7 times in my career, landed roles at top companies, earned promotionons into executive positions, and founded 3 businesses of my own. I also earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School and sit on an angel investor committee. 

I've helped over 1,000 people pivot into new careers, start their own successful entrepreneurial ventures, and significantly grow their bank accounts and professional fulfillment. 

If you want to figure out your purpose and passion, get paid for what you love doing, and have a mission to help others - let's talk. I can help you get there faster than you think.