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Mark Rothman

Los Angeles, California, 90035

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Contact Information

Los Angeles, California, 90035
United States

About Mark Rothman

We work with a coach when we decide to engage a professional who can help us reach a goal or make a change in our lives.

Self-leadership and empowerment coaching means helping you reach that goal, or make that change, by focusing on the effectiveness of our actions – our performance. We build our relationships through our performance; someone we consider a good friend performs the qualities of friendship consistently and reliably, as does a successful husband, partner, mother, or child. We certainly understand the role of performance in our working lives. Performance reviews, after all, stand as the very measure of our effectiveness there.

Living A Life of Self-Leadership

Self-Leadership coaching is more than helping you improve your performance in completing your to do list, doing well at work, or maintaining strong relationships. Though of paramount importance, thriving in these realms only stands as the result, or byproduct, of something much more essential: being the leader in your own life.

Being the leader in your life means living the life YOU want to live, not the life someone else wants you to live.

As leaders in our lives we make micro-improvements every day, and they begin to grow exponentially, our growth creates external and objective success others inevitably recognize and reward. And as we contribute ever more to the world every day, we do a better job of filling the unique space only we can fill.

Why I Coach

I coach to help you close the gap between the standards you want to meet, and how you actually perform, in any area of our lives. For some of us that gap is small, or we experience the gap in only a few areas. Others of us feel we have more work to do. In either case, I coach to support your progress forward.

I coach because it is a privilege to enjoy your trust. It is an honor to be invited into your life. It is awesome and humbling to guide you forward, to see you live in ever-greater abundance, to be your partner on your path.