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Coach Susan Quinn in Los Angeles CA

Susan Quinn

Los Angeles, California, 90049

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Los Angeles, California, 90049
United States

About Susan Quinn

Susan Quinn Therapist & Life Coach * Results- oriented therapy

-I’m not lovable

-I don’t deserve to be happy.

-I’m not good enough.

-I can’t achieve my goals.

-I can’t lose the weight.

-I can’t have the career of my dreams.

-I can’t change my beliefs about money.

-I’m not perfect.

-I don’t deserve to be loved until I…..

Do you find yourself creating the same stressful relationships and situations over and over again?

Do you avoid certain activities because of fear and feeling on edge? 

Have you tried to solve these issues with traditional talk therapy but it hasn’t been successful?

The  good news is that its not your fault.. and there is a way out of this unhappy cycle!

If you would like to explore how you can have more ease in your life,I invite you to contact me for a complementary consultation to see how I can assist you.