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Tanya Wannemacher

Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, California
United States

About Tanya Wannemacher

Feeling out of sorts? A little unsteady? Is there a primary relationship in your life that is feeling fated to unfulfillment? Does it seem like no one gets you or Do you find yourself saying “I don’t have the energy for this. Why am I such a mess? 

If you are feeling a need for greater steadiness and certainty through life’s unexpected twists and transitions, perhaps experiencing a sense of powerlessness in your circumstances, and you want to unhook from the self-doubt, worry, fears, comparison and perfectionism that is the conditioned program running the show when you are triggered……then this is for you.  

On a scale of 1-10 where are you at with feeling that you are living it right? Are you living the life you had hoped for yourself?  And if I asked you why your life isn’t feeling so blissful, would your response be something that includes the words  “should be” or “supposed to”.  Its time to stop being “should” on, or to stop “shoulding” on yourself, and to start listening to those little whispers in your soul that tell you that you were meant for something more…more peace, more fulfillment, more liberation from other peoples opinions of you, more self agency, more abundance, more freedom. More YOU!

I help you to powerfully navigate your life with unshakable confidence, purpose and authenticity.  Coaching with me brings deep transformation in how you see your relationships, your struggles and your world…and you, every facet.  This is for you if you are ready for a journey back home to meet your true self.  Answer the call that’s been nudging you towards knowing the full capacity of who you are beyond your role you play and are told how to be, as a good parent, sibling, child, student, employee, neighbor, citizen, contributor to society and any other function you perform. Who are you underneath all of these images and how does that core of who you are make decisions in these roles?

When was the last time someone sat with you in presence without their own agenda, not trying to “fix” you or change you, or show you their version of a better or “right” way to a different result for you? 

I am committed and passionate to helping you return to and honor your WHAT that is already true and seeded in you waiting to be reclaimed, while mapping out together your HOW you will get to your vision with courage, ease and grace.  More importantly, I partner with you in your process to step beyond the problem, and work with the thing that created it(your brain), for deep transformation to your WAY of being in your every day doing.  

You receive a fresh view of your world from the inside out, a personalized compass to navigate it, and awareness that allows you to powerfully move forward and reach all of your destinations with greater clarity, confidence, fulfillment and freedom.