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Jesse Johnson

Marina del Rey, California

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Marina del Rey, California
United States

About Jesse Johnson

I am an activator—a money, success and mindset coach who helps ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs live out their purpose, make an impact, and increase their revenue exponentially. 

My gift lies in the ability to help you see your potential for profit, influence, and freedom in your life. It’s a gift that not only allowed me to build my own multi-million dollar company in 2 years, but to support my clients as they do the same. 

I started my career in New York City in low-income schools. I wanted to equip my students with the tools to create the lives they desired and deserved. My activism turned me into a master educator, working to dismantle the cycle of poverty. I discovered a passion for helping people achieve their highest potential – and to truly be able to teach it, I had to live it first.

Now I’m building a movement, guiding the miracle workers of this world to be the change they want to see at the highest possible levels. What I teach is radical. I know that entrepreneurship is service, sales is a spiritual practice, and generosity is the foundation of wealth. My clients see financial results immediately upon hiring me; some double their income, some 10X their income, and everything between and beyond.