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Arleen Gomez

Novato, California, 94947

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Novato, California, 94947
United States

About Arleen Gomez

You're closer than you think to your ideal life. Sometimes it takes a new pair of eyes to help you see — and keep moving — down that path. Helping you build success, remove obstacles, evaluate relationships, and act decisively in your own best interest: that is the work I do, and I love it. Let me help you bring your natural gifts and most heartfelt values into the world.

I have the experience, tools, and understanding to assist you in building greater success in whatever area of life or work you feel needs attention. I approach my work with kind strength, encouraging you to make positive changes and collaborating with you toward the life you have always wanted to live.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in industries including healthcare, child advocacy, technology, and insurance, I have successfully designed ‘best practice’ leadership training, gained recognition as a professional mentor, and applied experience and education to successful organizational development, strategic planning, performance management, and institutional messaging and branding.

On a personal level, I am known as upbeat, positive, and approachable—deliberate and thoughtful in my interactions. I have the ability to simultaneously focus on big picture and granular details, and my educational training in Organizational Psychology & Development, Education, and Instructional Technology informs my approach to coaching, consultation, and mentorship.

My coaching credentials:
+ PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coach Federation
+ Former Member of Forbes Coaches Council
+ CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) from the Coaches Training Institute