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Michelle Wozniak


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About Michelle Wozniak

Helping YOU realize the power, energy and spirit that already exists within YOU!

 • Life Coaching

 • Energy Drawings

 • Natural Health Educator

 • Intuitive Readings

 • Guided Energy Healings 

My goal as a Intuitive Self-Realization Coach and Natural Health Educator is to encourage self-awareness and empower you to free yourself from obstacles holding you back, in order to take control of your own destiny and embrace your intended life path. Once you attain this, you will be able to harness your energy to conquer the things that cause problems and inhibit you from reaching your true purpose.

My job is to first, help you understand your limiting beliefs, blocks, emotions and thought patterns. And then together, we will work on shedding these limits and moving forward into a brighter, more satisfying present and future. 

I will give you the tools and encouragement to incite your soul along your personal journey by discovering the truly unique, authentic you.