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Brent Scarpo

Palm Springs, 92262

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Palm Springs, 92262

About Brent Scarpo

Do you find yourself saying, "I Hate my Job! Why am I in this relationship? What is my Purpose in Life?"

Which ones are you feeling right now? Are you in a prison and don’t have the key to get out? Do you feel trapped when it comes to your Career, Relationship or Well Being?

I’m Brent Scarpo, former casting director for films, The Shawshank Redemption, Air Force One and Matilda and now Intuitive Life Coach. Bringing together the life lessons I discovered in the entertainment industry and marrying them to my Life Coaching business, I co-create miracles with my clients.

Specializing in Millennials, high school & college students, I have worked in this arena for over thirty years. My program, “Millennials are Amazing”, will transform your career/relationship into a “Get Busy Living” mindset. Using the, “Twenty Life Coaching Lessons, I discovered casting The Shawshank Redemption”, you will experience a FREEDOM like Tim Robbins character, Andy Dufresne.

This FREEDOM can be seen during my Today Show appearance with Kathie Lee Gifford, where my first Life Coaching client was my guest. Google Brent Scarpo The Today Show.

Like my first client, Do you find yourself stressed out about your career and financial stability? Or, do you feel that your not financially rewarded for your chosen profession? Are there never-ending demands on your personal life, career that it is compromising your mental health?

Good News: That can change right now. You can have it all - a successful career, a great relationship with friends, family and someone you can love. My clients constantly tell me they feel a freedom and a true breath of fresh air, they've not felt for a very long time. A sense of calm, confidence and clarity comes from knowing what truly matters in their lives and understanding that it's all in the choices they make for their lives.

The time is now. If you feel like your in prison and want a way out, consider working with me to unlock your greatest potential.