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Kim Bielak

Pasadena, 91101

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Pasadena, 91101

About Kim Bielak

If you found your way here, I imagine there might be a few conflicting things going on inside of you right now. Perhaps some days you find it hard just to breathe. Yet perhaps you also find yourself holding on to this form of “high-functioning” fill-in-the-blank because it’s the only one you know. Perhaps part of you longs for a warm relationship and safe place to finally unload. But at the same time, perhaps the idea of opening up still feels a little scary, vulnerable, or unknown. Whatever it is, what I know right now is that something led you to my front door, and I’m interested in getting to know whatever that something in you is more.

As a therapist, I take holistic, integrative, and mindfulness-centered approach to my work. I aim to create a space where you can slow down, relax your grip, and allow yourself to be a little messy as we explore new ways of healing old pains. 

I know the search for a high-quality therapist can be hard. The process of therapy itself can be hard. But it can all also be wildly exhilarating, illuminating, and, yes, life-changing. Wherever your journey takes us, I’ll be right beside you.