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Julie McClung

Redwood City

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Redwood City

About Julie McClung

ICF Credentialed Career & Personal Development Coach supporting working professionals with work/life balance, career transitions, out of survival mode, and thriving! 

Are you struggling through a new life transition? 

Is your life feeling overwhelming or unmanageable?

Do you have lengthy to-do list but feel like you're never checking anything off?

Do you want to carve out more time for something important to you with goals and accountability?

Are you procrastinating, constantly feeling behind and wishing like there were more hours in the day?

Do you have a burning desire to achieve something on your bucket list but aren't sure how, when or where to start?

Personal Development Coaching offers support with:

Helping you identify your strengths and style.

Overcoming obstacles that are keeping you stuck and getting in your way.

Getting guidance to create actionable steps

Tools to better navigate the changes in your life to make it more manageable

Strategizing a game plan to move forward and get to where you know you want to go.