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Julia Kay

San Diego, 92037

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San Diego, 92037

About Julia Kay

My name is Julia Kay! I have one firm goal in mind - to guide you on your path towards total transformation in every aspect of your life. I am a professional and certified life and health coach with over a decade of experience in tapping into and unleashing the true potential of over a thousand clients with state of the art coaching techniques and tools. Focussing on health, wellness, organization and ultimately, living the best version of ourselves.
My journey began long before this. It all started after attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California going on to spend more than 15 years working as an International Design and Training Manager, as well as a health coach. Here, I successfully helped countless clients across the globe.
I felt I needed more out of life, which is why I needed to make a change. My coping strategies were pushed to their limits, with the exhausting demands of being a working woman who travel internationally on a regular basis, working above and beyond while still trying to maintain a social life and search for my soul mate. Clearly, my entire being began craving more out of life. I heeded my soul’s plea for change, and went on to receive my Life Coaching Certification from the Life Purpose Institute, which I feel marked the true beginning of my existence and purpose. Today I enjoy a robust and diverse practice with clients all over the world.
I dove head first into a new world of Mindfulness, Life Purpose and Simplicity, ultimately putting myself in the driver’s seat of my own destiny. Through embracing healthy change and unveiling my life purpose, I am now able to live a more fulfilling life, alongside my three loves in San Diego, California – my Husband, Son and Daughter.
I stand by our family motto that, TODAY IS THE GREATEST DAY OF OUR LIFE - and we continue to prove it to each other each and every day. It is now my unwavering mission to share my story with others, and lift them up!