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Kathy Nelson

San Diego

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San Diego

About Kathy Nelson

Are you a millennial trying to find your dream career? Are you mid-life and want to reinvent yourself? You may own a business that’s struggling, or you’re a professional easily distracted with time management issues. Are you a parent of a child with challenges who would like some help balancing self-care, caregiving, marriage, and family? Over the years, my hundreds of clients tell me I’ve helped them to not only achieve their business/career goals but also create a rewarding, fulfilling and happy personal life. 

You have a choice today to either accept the status quo or hire me, a 24+ year-experienced coach to help you get “on track” for amazing success.  I help my clients build a toolbox to make it easier for them navigate their highs and lows. Are you ready to define your dreams and create your best life ever?  

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