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Susan David

San Diego, 92101

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San Diego, 92101

About Susan David

Thinking about adoption? Already in the process? Wondering “now what” after your child arrives? Facing challenging behaviors threatening your "happily ever after" family? You could use a coach on your side. Be heard and understood by someone who gets what you’re saying. As your coach, we’ll develop a path forward, a clear plan, a way ahead. Feel in control and confident.

Before, during, or after adopting, adoption is not an easy journey. Adoption, like coaching, requires effort and commitment.

What do you need to learn, do, and decide? First, is adoption a fit for you? International, domestic or private? If yes, where will you begin? How will you get prepared and fully educated on adoption realities? I've adopted three times and can offer experience, insight, and knowledge. Together we can navigate whatever highway you are on. Adoption remains a challenging way to create a family. Coaching can make it easier. It guides you on your course, keeps an eye on your dream and helps get you there.

Master and follow the guidelines of Adoption-attunement (AQ) Parenting developed by my firm, Growing Intentional Families Together. This approach allows you to see all things parenting through the adoption lens. Also, the Prepare/Enrich® Pre-Adoption/Foster workbook is another resource I offer to guide your coaching with me. Use a coach who knows how adoption impacts life. Adoptive parents’ love is as strong as that felt by birth families. But what adoptive families need is different. Let my experience inform your coaching: set a goal, define the problem. We'll forge adoption-informed solutions. You'll gain clarity, confidence and achieve your result with your family, satisfaction ... joy.