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Tamara Schnarr

San Diego

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San Diego

About Tamara Schnarr

I look at my clients' well-being in a holistic way. We do not just consist of a physical body, but also a mental, emotional and spiritual body. Only if we find balance amongst those parts, we can perform at our best - at work and in our private lives. 

The modality I use to support my clients in finding balance is a combination Embodiment and Mindset. Only if we combine those two modalities improvement and change are guaranteed.

The benefits of my classes and trainings are the following:

- Decreased Anxiety and Stress Levels

- Strengthened Nervous/Immune System

- Increased Energy

- Passion and Fulfillment in Your Personal and Professional life

- Prioritizing Your Own Needs and Self-Care

- A Positive Relationship to Yourself and Others

- Improved Creativity and Decision-Making

- Increased Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

- Self-Awareness 

- Improved Focus

- Increased joy and fulfillment

I offer Private Classes or Classes for Your Organization, Company, Event, Retreat, Gym, or Yoga Studio (Online or In-Person).