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Zoe Freedman

San Diego, 92102

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San Diego, 92102

About Zoe Freedman

Are you seeking to live with greater self-authorship? To establish a more confident, intimate, and authentic relationship with yourself and those around you?

Allow me to be your coach so that I can help you step into the next evolution of self that you are looking for. More confidence, courage, and clarity are some of the powerful results my clients experience.

Anxiety, overwhelm, stress, confusion, doubt are all internal states that you can easily shift out of once you know how. With my support you will: master your emotions, discover profound inner-calm, and establish unshakeable confidence.

My story goes like this: I was a high-achieving, hard-working, “busy” woman. The idea of meditation or setting still was appalling to me, who has time for that? My relationships were surface-level, I felt high amounts of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. Most days I felt I was surviving life, doing the next thing that needed to be done with little time to stop and savor (not that I even knew how to do that).

Then, I had a huge life disruption (I wrote a blog post about it that you can read) that resulted in major heartbreak, despair, and uncertainty.

Instead of this “breaking” me, it broke my heart open and set a new course for my life. I opened up to the depths available within me, I learned how to be present and entered into a new world of profound inner-stillness and calm. From that place of inner-stillness I got to really meet myself. To learn who I am, what I want, and what my gifts are. I began to design every area of my life with fierce intentionality.

Today, I am married to my soul-mate, I have the career of my dreams, I regularly travel the world, I have the strongest friendships I’ve ever known and I feel utterly drenched in love. I am living my dream life, and I created these results through learning how to “hack” this human technology (the self) to optimize it to its highest potential. I can help you do the same thing in your life.