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Adrian Klaphaak

San Francisco

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San Francisco

About Adrian Klaphaak

I help people discover their purpose and use it to do their best work. I'm a career coach and I'm also the founder of A Path That Fits, one of the highest reviewed and rated career and life coaching companies in the country. 

As a career and life coach, I offer deep one-on-one coaching that guides people into their depths to discover their purpose. We use purpose to empower people as leaders, take their careers to the next level, and live their best lives. My clients emerge clear about what they are here to do, confident in their ability to do it, and more passionate than ever. Their lives and careers inspire others.

As the founder of A Path That Fits, I collaborate with a small but mighty team of talented coaches and lead The Career Pathfinder Group Coaching Program. Our flagship coaching program guides people step-by-step to discover their calling and land a job they love. 

Over the last fifteen years, we've helped thousands of people find meaningful work, build successful careers, and live wildly fulfilling lives.