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Aly Sanders

San Francisco

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San Francisco

About Aly Sanders

I am passionate about teaching and embodying presence. 

I help high achievers get grounded, so they can stress less, avoid burnout, and LIVE now. 

Have you found yourself:

- Dealing with emotions such as anxiety, stress, or depression?

- Constantly feeling energetically drained?

- Thinking about past regrets, future concerns, your to-do list, and having trouble enjoying the present moment?

My 90 Day Program helps high achievers:

✔ Up level fear-based emotions like stress and anxiety to peace and happiness, using meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork. 

✔ Learn how to be with and integrate thoughts that drain your energy and prevent you from reaching your goals. 

✔ Establish clarity on what you want and live a life that is in alignment with those desires.

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