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Amy Koop

San Francisco

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San Francisco

About Amy Koop

With 25 years' experience in business, marketing and leadership, I work with mid-career executives, those planning retirement and others to design their futures intentionally. My clients learn tools and strategies to better understand themselves and their existing mindsets, to decide purposefully what perspectives they want to bring forward to the future. The way we think about things directly and significantly influences our results, and I love to help my clients get the results they want by focusing on the big leverage points. I believe in the design thinking tenets of radical collaboration and bias to action, combined with my training in the Co-Active method of coaching where the coach and client are true partners.

Focus Areas:

• Leadership Skills and Mindset

• Coaching for Insight and Transformation 

• Intentional Life and Career Design

• Science-backed Habit-Building techniques 

• Design Thinking 

• Mindfulness