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Armando Alcaraz

San Francisco

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San Francisco

About Armando Alcaraz

I employ my 12 year experience in leading personal growth workshops with a variety of tools to help you overcome relationship, family, work, and any life challenges through engaging and integrating your difficulties. In my coaching I take you through different stages I created, inspired from my music background: Awareness of your Sound - self assessing your tendencies, strengths and values.
Tuning - processes and tools for getting yourself in tune with peace and inner harmony.
Listening to the Broader Song - Assessing the context of your life circumstance to better understand how to respond appropriately.
Playing - actions and strategies to engage with your challenges.
Choosing your Song - Establishing rhythms and habits to maintain and deepen in your progress.
I work with teams, families, or groups in a similar manner, to help establish a shift in attitude and improved communication and connection.