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Cameron Kauffman

San Francisco

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San Francisco

About Cameron Kauffman

My purpose and passion is being an authentic man and living my life consistent with my values. When we understand and live our values we are at peace with ourselves. I thrive on understanding life, experiential learning and creating meaningfulness through my relationships with others.

 My greatest strength is maximizing or striving for excellence in whatever I do. Transforming something strong into something superb excites and motivates me. I am passionate about working with other men who want to achieve greater understanding, effectiveness and peace in their own lives. I believe discovering our authentic self and then connecting with people who embrace and encourage us on our life path is the most valuable life work we can do.

 This work will have a positive impact on how we show up in our personal relationships and our professional life. It will move us to achieve our goals and live the life we desire.

 I am excited and ready to start this next chapter with you!