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Dilip Saraf

San Francisco

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San Francisco

About Dilip Saraf

As a career coach, I help in your self-discovery/purpose. If you thought career coaching was just for getting a better job, then uncover what it can really do to galvanize your life. 
With me, career coaching starts in a self discovery rooted in uncovering your archetype-- primordial forces, hidden within your unconscious--making my career coaching process uniquely powerful. This discovery is catalyzed by your genius--a peeking window this approach opens.

Once this window opens, fulfillment, flow, and joy become the sine qua non of your very existence. You are now in command of your destination, limited only by your ambition and your drive. If you thought genius is a rare gift of nature then discover how pervasive this gift really is and how no one is immune from it!

This unique approach taps into your inner genius, allowing you to transform your message from what you have done to who YOU are, revealing your soul! This is magical; through career coaching I create a powerful verbal brand, which now allows you to pursue vistas previously unavailable. These vistas are now verbalized through leadership stories that explode with your genius building a transforming narrative. 

If you are working, career coaching will show you the difference it makes from DOING to BEING, and then doing that in unprecedented ways.