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Coach Katy Hope in San Francisco CA

Katy Hope

San Francisco, 94118

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San Francisco, 94118

About Katy Hope

Don't love your job? Want to find something that you love and are passionate about? I have been there! I can help you find a career that lights you up, that you are excited to go to every day, that you love.

Hi! My name is Katy Hope, I love working with clients to find more meaning in their lives, achieve a work life balance that is right for them, change careers, or grow their businesses. Everyone's path in life is different and it is not always a straight line. It is the twists and turns that are the hardest, but make life the most interesting and where a coach can help you figure out the best choice for you and your life.

I have had many turns in my path that have allowed me to find a life with purpose and ultimately led me to become a career, executive, and life coach. When I first graduated from college, I wanted to "save the world". I pursued a nonprofit career with amazing experiences teaching high school students about ecology, advocating for foster youth, and making incredible social change. But through all that I realized that I wanted a faster pace of work, more tangible results. I subsequently went to business school and changed careers to the fast paced world of apparel retail. Every season a new line, new clothes, new results.

Amazing as it is to work in fashion, I was still missing something. Work life balance was not there. Every person's path and career are different. Every person has different needs for work life balance, motivation, and satisfaction. What is yours?

In 2018, I started the path to be a career, executive, and life coach. I love the process of figuring out where a person wants to be and how to get there. Whether it is finding more balance in your life, finding a new career path, or living more mindfully in the life you have already created, I can help you live your best life yet.