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Lori Fink

San Francisco

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San Francisco

About Lori Fink

I'm someone who firmly believes it's never too late.  One of my favorite quotes by Mary Ann Evans, better known by her pen name, George Eliot is "It's never too late to be what you might have been." I've had several different careers in my lifetime and it took a lot of trial and error before I found what truly fit the person I always felt and deep down knew I could be.

Therapy brings out the part of me who believes we all deserve to be loved and have our feelings validated with compassion and non-judgement.  And that sometimes we need an outside person beyond family and friends in our corner to cheer us on and empower us to believe in ourselves and start anew. 

My style is warm and collaborative.  I also have a pretty fabulous sense of humor and I feel that laughter can be very healing.  My sessions are often a mixture of exploration along with laughter, tears, sprinkles of inspiration, courage and confidence building with a big fat topping of Self-compassion. 

My areas of interest are anxiety and fear, relationship issues, LGBTQ and gender-identity exploration, empowerment, purpose, personal growth & life transitions.