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Stephanie Puryear

San Jose, 95120

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San Jose, 95120

About Stephanie Puryear

As a licensed & registered occupational therapist and certified life coach, the majority of my career for 20+ years has involved working closely with families of special needs children, people caring for a loved one with medical needs, and fellow healthcare professionals in a variety of settings and situations. While living in the Midwest, I had a private therapy practice, Sensory Steps, Inc. serving special needs children ages birth to three in their home environment.

While working in the health professional world, there has been a huge need for additional support for parents, families, healthcare workers, and caregivers. Using my years of experience working with families in diverse circumstances the "caregiver coaching process" encourages clients to plant the seeds now to reap the rewards in life they have always imagined.

The combination of my occupational therapy experience along with my caregiver coaching experience are a harmonic blend to help individuals and families find a calming influence to move towards feeling freedom and fulfillment. I help the clients I work with by using the "just right challenge" to pursue their goals while making sure they "keep the best and throw out the rest".

Take the leap. Dare to live a life fulfilled with a sense of empowerment, freedom, balance, and wellness.