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Sam Led

Santa Barbara, 93103

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Santa Barbara, 93103

About Sam Led

Over the past 16+ years, I have been coaching people from all walks of life in from all over the world, and they've changed how they view life, themselves, and how they view their circumstances; becoming able to change all kinds of things in their personal and work life and ultimately to live a life full of joy, contentment and happiness. I've learnt from the very best.

I share a groundbreaking new understanding that has helped
thousands of people tap into their natural innate health and resilience without strategies, techniques, or willpower. The brain is a machine that is constantly trying to interfere and inform our human experience. It is when we look underneath the heaviness of the noise called thinking can we find true insight and wisdom on what to do next. There are no methods or special techniques. I connect with my clients in a very honest way. We talk about the role of thought and how it either frees or limits us. It’s a conversation that allows you to slow down exhausting thinking and see something brand new. I do not work with 'anyone'. You need to be open to re-learn how your life (and your mind) really works, and ready to transform your experience of life.
We will not work on changing your life circumstances. Instead, we will explore the relationship between life's circumstances and life itself. Seeing the way we experience life frees us to play the game of life fully.
People who have worked with me have completely transformed their lives to become:
*Richer (in every sense of the word),
*More secure,
*In touch with their own innate wisdom,
*Grounded human beings with a renewed understanding of how life and mind really works
*And have moved beyond the power negative feelings such as hopelessness, anxiety, low self-confidence, stress, guilt, grief, fear, injustice and feeling out of control have had on their lives.