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Anne Witzgall

Santa Monica, 90405

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Santa Monica, 90405

About Anne Witzgall

Are you feeling lost in your life and unable to make decisions? Is it hard for you to lead a thriving life?

Although many people go through this phase once in a while, it doesn't have to be that way. You can make the right decisions in your career or your personal life, you can choose the right direction - in a nutshell, you can have your balanced life back.

The reason for your stuck-ness is that you are going through a major life transition, like
a job loss,
a personal awakening,
reinventing yourself after an illness,
a divorce,
a relocation,
dealing with changes in the composition of your family,
having to make a difficult career decision.

I can help you sort out a clearer picture and get you out of this hole with the Purpose Clarity Program. The purpose clarity program is a step-by-step framework that helps you convert your passions and interests into a clear purpose and direction. You will discover your heart magnet that will enable you to make decisions and choices that create a life that you will love.

My clients tell me that in finding their heart magnet, they have an "Aha" moment and feel relief and motivation they have been searching and hoping for for a long time. By sorting out what really matters to them, they can clearly see the next steps they have to take in order to move forward.

As a Life Coach specialist, I see myself as a guiding light, supporting people on their path, discovering their purpose, act on their dreams, and live their best lives. I’ve been passionately working in the field of human development for over 10 years as an HR specialist, and as an educator–all work that led to my seamless transition into life coaching. Since 2020 I have been with the Institute for Life Coach Training and hold a Board Certified Coach credential.

So, do you want to get your balanced life back? Start right now get in touch!