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Sharon Carlsen

Santa Monica, 90402

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Santa Monica, 90402

About Sharon Carlsen

We all experience changes and transitions throughout our lives, and believe it or not, the cycle of change follows a pattern designed to help us adapt and transform. Once we learn how to move through this cycle, we stop struggling against ourselves. Our lives become more peaceful, we accept ourselves as we are, and we become more able to help ourselves and those who rely on our steady presence.

Coaching is especially helpful in the midst of change. For example:

• You are at a crossroads in your personal or professional life. You know that something needs to change but aren’t sure how to go about it.

• You have a vision of your desired future but haven’t found the clarity, time, or energy to get started.

• You have been through or are in a transition in your personal or professional life. Something essential has changed, your identity has been shaken up, and you find yourself in a new reality.

My focus is on helping you move forward, achieve your desires, and find peace in the process.

I offer one free consultation call to prospective clients.