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Marie Oneill

Santa Rosa

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Santa Rosa

About Marie Oneill

Astrologer and Certified Life Coach.

During the course of my life on this planet, I have lived in five states: Illinois, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and currently, California. I have loved each place and am forever grateful for the gifts each dwelling has bestowed on me. 

The thirteen years spent in Washington was invaluable. Being there afforded me the opportunity to go through many wonderful shifts in my Being. I immersed myself in the reshaping of my foundation through metaphysics, Buddhism, learning what my gifts are and how best to share these gifts with others Along the way I became a Journey Practitioner, which is a method designed to heal emotional and physical issues on a cellular level; an Evolutionary Astrologer; Past Life Regressionist; Life Coach and Tarot Reader. In addition to these skills I also studied for four years with a Native Healer Learning some Native healing techniques - knowledge that has gotten lost on the road to modern society. Over time, my life evolved into coaching others, and since I am a firm believer in being certified for whatever it is one does, I looked for and found an excellent coaching certification program receiving my Coaching Certification from Coach Training Alliance in 2005.

Each of us is on our own Hero’s Journey to “Know Thyself”. Where we are taken on this journey our conscious mind cannot know ahead of time, only our inner self knows. We only need to hear the call and say “Yes”. Here’s to the journey. 

My background is diverse and well rounded, so that I now offer this support and expertise to you.