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Peter Karp

Santa Rosa

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Santa Rosa

About Peter Karp

Owning a business, taking on a new role or simply taking a hard look at where you are in life takes courage. They're also easier to navigate with someone who has your back, even though you often feel like you can't really share your fears or challenges.

After all, who wants to know that the boss, dad or mom, or promising new hire is worried?

As a coach, I listen deeply from a whole-life standpoint and offer perspectives grounded in lots of business and life experience. 

I've been in your shoes.

Regardless of whether we are coaching you as a business owner or you as an individual, the intention is the same.

Just the focus and approach varies a bit.

In business coaching, we do the work so you actually have a business, not a never-ending job that's not going quite the way you want it to.

In personal or professional coaching, we create pathways to a better life or work experience, so you operate from your strengths and understand your needs.