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Keya Murthy

Ventura, 93003

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Ventura, 93003

About Keya Murthy

Are you struggling:
* at your work or with your career?
* with your health? menopause?
* loss of a loved one? or pet? empty nest?
* change in a relationship?
* frustrations? sorrow? fear? guilt? resentment? anger? hurt? trauma? regrets?

You do the best you can and yet the results you get do not justify your efforts. True?

If you have answered YES to even one question then I can help. I encourage you to visit my website and fill out the Coaching Interview Application to qualify for a FREE Discovery Session. In this session you will:
* Gain sense of clarity about the Ideal Life you want
* Find out building blocks to create your Ideal life
* Discover #1 thing stopping you from your Ideal Life
* Identify powerful actions to create your desired life
* Know exactly what to do to create YOUR Ideal Life!

My diverse background is the foundation for the wide range of services that I offer to my clients. From practical skills to spiritual connection, you can approach your development with a grounded perspective that incorporates all levels of being so that you create magical results in your daily life.

A formal study of material sciences set me on the path to a successful career as a software programmer in India and later in the USA.

When I realized how little of my brain capacity we use (even geniuses use only 10%), I became fascinated with the subconscious mind and how it can serve us.

As a programmer, and knowing that the language of the mind dictates our external realities, I was drawn to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Once on the path to unlocking the secrets of the mind, I discovered and trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, handwriting analysis, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Guided Imagery. My continued studies in energy medicine allows me to help my clients find healing, and experience success everyday in all aspects of their live.