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Coach Results - Quebec, Canada

Joe Zappavigna

For those who need help in acheving their goals i can help you create that balance you need to be better focused to succeed ,gain more confidence & be


Rose Salkova

We are told that we can’t chose our family. If so, how often did you wish that you had different parents? That you never married that person? That you

Montreal, Quebec, H1T 2H2, Canada

Irina Buse

For a long time the default of my life was a daily struggle to survive and then come on top of every adverse situation in my path. The mindset was to be

Laval, Quebec, Canada

Corry Robertson

Corry Robertson is a leading global expert on coaching culture, engagement and retention, and a Registered ICF Mentor Coach, with a client list that includes


Rita Rallo

Are you struggling with a difficult relationship? Need more? Whether you want to be better understood or find a peaceful transition towards a rewarding new

Candiac, Quebec, Canada

Samantha Barley

Samantha Barley is a self-discovery life coach. By identifying emotional states of being and shifting perspectives, she guides others towards better feeling

Montreal, Quebec, QC, Canada

Penny Mancuso

As a Certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach I open the door to many compelling conversations at dinner parties! One never knows where the conversation

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Debbie Harbec

I'm Debbie and I'm a certified life coach and yoga teacher. I work with women over 40, helping them feel their best in their bodies, and their lives,

Lorraine, Quebec, J6Z 3A5, Canada

Melissa Dawn

As a Conscious Business and Leadership Coach, I guide people to drop the masks holding them back, empowering them to show up as their true selves, bravely


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