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Magdalena Blasiak

Hi I’m Magdalena. I’m a project management professional, facilitator and leadership coach. I work with individuals and organizations in the areas


Diana Chang

Diana Chang Consultancy (DCC) helps students maximize the growth of their own potential through personalized coaching and applying to world-renowned schools,


Subha Seifert

Life is a mystery. A mystery that loves to challenge us. Life’s hurdles can be of different natures. As a response we often go into a state of deep

Vancouver, BC

Michael E. Walker

Are you underwhelmed by your life? I am a Vancouver, Canada based life coach who helps my professionally successful but unsatisfied, unhappy clients, explore

Vancouver, BC

Zoe Green

I Help You Avoid Burn-Out, Dissolve Stress, And Eliminate Bad Habits.  Rapid Results That Last A Lifetime Evidence-Based Coaching  Where you


Allan Mulholland

Allan Mulholland is a Life Coach Trainer and Perception Expert. He just released two brand new life coach training courses on Teachable: - Life Coach Mastery


Brian L

At TWB coaching, we are committed to helping you find the purpose in life, reaching your goals and fulfill your dreams. 


Stephanie Kollmann

BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF Life is too short to suffer and quarrel with oneself and others. Poor communication with ourselves and others, limiting

Vancouver, V6N3C9

George Chin

Specialties: Life Coaching

As a coach, I help my clients to create fulfilling lives with purpose and to attain extraordinary goals. I have extensive experience coaching people representing


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