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Debbie Dawson

Canterbury, Canterbury

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Canterbury, Canterbury
New Zealand

About Debbie Dawson

I am a leadership and management coach, writer and facilitator. I am a self-employed former HR manager and a Chartered Fellow of Human Resources NZ. After university I trained and worked as a librarian which has provided an excellent foundation for my lifelong fascination with knowledge and learning. I have a health coaching qualification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I am part of a coaching programme with the Life Coach School.

I now work with business owners and senior leaders and managers. As a recovering corporate workaholic I understand what it is like to have a big job where I am responsible for results and for the performance of others while juggling other important priorities in my life such as my family and my physical and mental wellbeing.

I love working with smart people to help them become smarter. For instance the professional women I come across are often incredibly competent although they have recurring thought patterns that erode their impact and joy. I help my clients to tweak and address their common ‘thought errors’ using a combination of management, health and life coaching skills.

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