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Meet Coach Nearby Sheri Zevenbergen in Cedar Rаріds

Sheri Zevenbergen

Cedar Rаріds, IA

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Contact Information

Cedar Rаріds, IA
United States

About Sheri Zevenbergen

Individuals & organizations work with Sheri to move beyond the status quo.

 Moving beyond the status quo & being exceptional isn't about working hard.  It's about focusing on the right things.  The right things for you. The right things for each of the individuals on your team.

 So Sheri partners with you to disrupt the default. To push societal & organizational expectations & norms aside (for a while) & discover your inner genius.

 Everyone has something unique to contribute, & discovery & self-awareness is the key to unlocking your full potential & the potential of each of the individuals on your team.