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Diane W.Kinsella


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About Diane W.Kinsella

Start Experiencing Your Life by Design – Not by Default

The truth is, you have the internal wisdom you need to overcome your challenges. Coaching will give you invaluable insight into your strengths and power, enabling you to access your wisdom and move forward with confidence. Whatever challenges you’re facing, we’ll work together to find solutions and then devise and implement a strategy to make them happen.

Specializing in Transitions, Crises & Changes

Major challenges at work…layoffs…widowhood…parenthood…divorce…

…and more. When life throws you a curveball, coaching can help you get back on track. Call me if you:

Need to “reinvent yourself” due to a life transition or crisis, and you don’t know where to start

Are feeling “stuck” and need help getting “unstuck” and happy again

Want career counseling to create a long-term career strategy and/or deal with a job that’s a poor fit

Are feeling paralyzed by the challenges of parenting

Would love to have an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals

Get Support, Guidance, Accountability & Results

Coaching is not therapy. It is a solution-oriented approach to creating a life and career that will bring you happiness, meaning and balance. Together we will walk through a very positive, empowering process to confront and resolve the issues and decisions you’re facing in your life right now. You’ll get the confidential assistance and encouragement you need to chart a course and reach your goals.