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Caitlin Villeneuve

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About Caitlin Villeneuve

I am a Coach, Facilitator, Singer, Creator, Performer, Dance Partier, Writer, Disrupter, Laughter Maker, Systems Challenger. 

I am a Certified Life & NeuroTransformation Coach and Facilitator for people and teams that want to increase their consciousness, systems awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership. I am a champion for anyone that wants to dig deep, discover who they really are and their placement within systems, and create meaningful change towards bettering themselves and the world around them. 

I am honoured to get to work with colleagues and communities that consistently teach me about systemic oppression and racism. As we deepen our understanding of the current systems and the history that built them, I feel a genuine responsibility to continue to learn and contribute to dismantling our systems of colonization, capitalism and white supremacy. Layla F. Saad says "Good ancestors are bridges of hope" - this is what I strive to be. 

When I get to facilitate groups and teams, I leverage my skills of performance, play & neuroscience and combine them with coaching and systems awareness to craft a transformational and unique experience.