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Hi I’m Dina Kraiem and I am an Ipec certified life coach specializing in relationships, primarily dealing with parents of teens. 

During times like this coaching can ESPECIALLY be helpful,

Maybe not as much for long term external goals- (although career changes etc are a possibility..) 

But to practice long term INTERNAL awareness and goals -

to build resilience for ourselves , to fine tune communication skills with our loved

ones (who may be on top of us all day- whether it’s our spouses or kids..) , and to dig more deeply as to what is working and not working for us as individuals and our families during this time, Then navigating what we can actually DO about it. 



Positive homes are certainly attainable even during quarantine with the right self awareness and strategies. 

Life coach use learned skills to help one dig more deeply- it’s like having your intuitive whispering voices shouting loudly and more clearly so one can recognize what we really want or what is really bothering you or holding you back. From there we set goals with accountability to take steps towards what you would like to achieve. And the best thing about it.. is it works! Each step leads to the next and before you know it things are changing and moving more in the directions you want it to. It’s amazing how one small step in the right direction gets the motion going and causes a chain reaction. Feel free to reach out for a free 30 minute consultation to understand more deeply, how this work can greatly enhance your relationships and life.