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About Lise Da Silva

I’ve trained.

I’ve mentored.

I’ve directed.

With over 34 years in the banking industry, I’ve used all my personal and professional development and insights.

Since the age of 8, I have always had a deep passion to transfer and teach all my knowledge, experience and wisdom to whomever would listen. Always curious to know the how, what and why of things, learning about the mind and the way it thinks fascinated me. It still does to this day.

Born with an inate sense and desire to lead, I have been life coaching before I even knew it was a career. Peers, friends, colleagues consistently point out how my guidance and thinking have influenced them. People are drawn to me and my persuasion of words and beliefs, leaving them with a subtle mind shift on how they currently perceive things, opening their mind to wonder….

There have been pivotal moments in my life that I thought I would not survive, but not only have I survived. I have thrived beyond my own expectation. Let me brief you.

Throughout my life, I have experienced challenges that most people can relate to or have lived through themselves. It ranged from childhood sexual abuse, to health issues, to wrong boyfriends, to full-blown breakdown in the “D” word, to a spouse’s death, a miscarriage and a divorce.

Each challenge felt like a struggle, entrapment, loss of control and hopelessness that would never end. I wondered, or, more like, truly believed I was just unlucky  and “cursed” by life. I was also afraid of everything. I reached a point that I questioned when will this just end?

In all this struggle, somewhere buried deep, deep down, I knew this couldn’t be it, it just couldn’t be.

Then it would just click, in a millisecond, my brain catapulted/catalyzed my mind and body into action, almost without my conscious awareness. It’s as if my brain bypassed all my mind’s stories of despair and did not stop to verify the story. Whatever it was, universal forces, shame or anger, I don’t know but it launched me forward with an unstoppable speed. I just did what it was at the time. It’s almost as if my brain said, “Enough, get moving. This is not how this ends”!

A gazillion years forward, (haha) to today, as a life coach, I now understand what was happening at the time and how it was a “normal” response to the challenges I faced.

That little tiny voice always seeking to not tolerate defeat or be defeated, I recovered every single time, shocking myself and also being silently proud of succeeding. I learnt to be fearful of real danger, not fearful of my life. Life is not meant to be feared, it is meant to be designed uniquely by you for you. People have called me fearless or perhaps in their words “stupid, crazy”. From my point of view it was called, “trusting myself” no matter what the outcome. After all, it was my choices.

So here I am with the deepest gratitude, sounds so bizzare and weird as heck but I “needed” those challenges to expand me into my destined purpose. At the time it was total confusion and now it is clear as a blue sky. It doesn’t mean my life is perfect by far, but it does mean that I now know that my life reflects what I think and believe and choose.

You too should also be catapulted into your dreams as it is meant to be. You should be living your dreams and purpose. If you aren’t, in which lifetime will it be if you only have this one?

I can’t wait to hear from you that you have chosen to live fully awake.