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Mandy Bishop

Boulder, Colorado, 80303

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Contact Information

Boulder, Colorado, 80303
United States

About Mandy Bishop

Hi, I'm Mandy.

I'm a Trauma-Informed and Nature-Based Coach holding over 400 hours of in-depth training in nature-based life coaching, somatic trauma resolution, internal partswork facilitation, grief and loss, and adventure therapy. I’m also a nature lover, a folk herbalist, a farmer, an artist, and overall lover of life. My work is deeply informed by the Indigenous ways I’ve been blessed to be a part of for over a decade, and by my own journey of recovery from trauma and loss.

My own experience of surviving trauma has led me down a path to recognize the critical layer of emotional and spiritual recovery from the challenging experiences life can bring us.

I’ve always had a profound connection with and love for nature. Like many of you, I’ve been through a number of difficult experiences have led me to seek more meaning in life. As a result, I know in my bones that there is meaning in the heart of our darkest places.

I now help others to move through those challenging passages in their lives in order to find resolution, health and freedom on the other side.

I am in service to the remembrance of our wild selves. To a partnership between nature, creativity and soul. And to the wisdom carried in our bones waking us up to what is most important in our lives. Through Nature-based coaching and soul work, I support people dealing with trauma to integrate and reclaim their lives so they can truly move forward in an empowered way and bring their gifts to the world.

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