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Philip Bennett

Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80919

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80919
United States

About Philip Bennett

I worked as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years. I was troubled by the diagnostic aspect which required labeling. Over the years, my conviction grew that while psychology enables us to gain insight into our struggles, it is understanding our beauty, our brains / neuroscience, and practices like mindfulness which ultimately rewire our brains and enable us to open doors to a new future, moving through and past former struggles to new realities. Change is all about rewiring our brain. When we focus our attention, we create a neural network. When we strengthen that network, it can become a trait. Change, or getting 'unstuck' is about creating new superhighways in our brains. We can get stuck for many reasons but often loss and grief are triggers, and coaching can help!

Coaching became an obvious frame through which to pursue my own passion of helping people overcome roadblocks which occur when we simply function on autopilot as we engage the world. We truly can overcome knee jerk reactions to life and move toward more mindfully engaging the world. As we achieve this, and move toward a more integrated brain, the roadblocks in our lives tend to be less inhibiting and we become more resilient. The traits which hindered us are replaced with new traits as we create new pathways in our brains.

Hope is a primary source of energy for persevering in life. Neuroscience provides us with a hopeful view of our brain and the possibilities of change. Good coaching helps us come more awake to what is occurring in us and around us as we engage with the world. If we want to progress past the hurdles in our present lives we all could use a coach. Every great CEO, athlete, performer, etc. has had a great coach. Growth and change are possible. So wherever you find yourself stuck in life, invest today in a better future for yourself becoming more integrated, more whole, more awake, and thus more in control of yourself — the only thing you really have control over in this world — you