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Beth Sauter

Denver, Colorado

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Denver, Colorado
United States

About Beth Sauter

My name is Beth. I am the Founder of Spiritual Hospitality. I am a Certified Reiki Master, crystal healer and joyful transformation coach. What is Spiritual Hospitality? It is a name for my heart’s calling and purpose. My vocation. The work that is worthy of my life.  It is the act of service that restores my heart. The more that I honor it, the more it honors me. It is a lifestyle that affirms my intrinsic values by its very nature: Empathy, Intuition, Compassion, and JOY. 

It is the light with which I have been gifted, and the meaningful sharing of that light.

My intention for the creation of Spiritual Hospitality is to help people to release their suffering, explore their desires, and step into their Courage. Whether through energy healing work or intuitive coaching, I hold space for others to feel safe and supported. 

I sincerely believe that if you are even considering a Reiki session or a Coaching session, you already have everything you need to change your life. 

You already have the courage to follow your dreams. I am simply here to hold a mirror to your power and your potential.