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Cindy Saylor

Denver, Colorado

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Denver, Colorado
United States

About Cindy Saylor

Cindy Saylor is a speaker, coach, mentor, delivering a powerful message and a movement to Stomp Out The "STIGMA" on mental health. Cindy prefers to call it Mental Fitness. Brain Health and Mental Fitness are two areas that are over looked when considering living a healthy lifestyle. 

As a Practitioner in Neuro Linguistics, Certified Brian Educator and Licensed Neuro Endocoding Specialist Cindy is passionate about working with individuals that feel stuck and want more our of their life, they want to break through bad beliefs and behavior patterns to make better decisions for their family, at work, in their career and most importantly in life. 

Cindy offers programs for Brain Health, and Mental Wellness. Programs are either available online or through group live settings.

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