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Sheila Anne Murray

Denver, Colorado

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Denver, Colorado
United States

About Sheila Anne Murray

Hi, I’m Sheila and I am a transformation facilitator. My specialty is helping clients and groups step away from their learned behaviors and thought patterns, so they can create the wildly amazing life and career they've always wanted. I do this through embodiment exercises, proven coaching tools, and aligned action. I am a certified coach, yoga instructor, and trauma-informed coach, and I am committed to approaching change from a whole-person perspective.

How my background integrates with my work - I have a history of overachieving and perfectionist tendencies and following the path that I thought I "should." Following the death of my mother in 2018, I made big shifts: I began to value my time & energy, deepen my self-awareness, and set my own rules, and I took leaps that I never thought possible. This led me to quit my comfortable job, find love, travel the world, start a business, and settle in a brand new spot. Now I’m passionate about working with others who are ready to become more mindful, courageous, and successful in their own way!