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Tanya Winans

Littleton, Colorado, 80126

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Littleton, Colorado, 80126
United States

About Tanya Winans

Hey Beauties, I’m Tanya Rae!

I love to travel, hang out with my dog and create bad art! ;)

I live for sunshine and good books!

A few years ago I stepped on the scale and cried. I had reached 305 lbs and it felt like it happened overnight.

I knew that I could lose weight, as I had so many times before, but I always gained it back and then some.

I was terrified, pre-diabetic, suffering from high blood pressure and so many other potential health risks on the cusp.

I started this journey with - what if I don’t give up this time. And...I learned so much.

I learned that my repeated weight gain didn’t mean there was something wrong with me - it meant I had never learned the right info.

I learned most of what I thought I knew about nutrition & weight loss was not true.

I learned what worked and what didn’t.

I knew I couldn’t keep this info to myself, so I embarked on an educational adventure in which I studied nutritional therapy (holistic nutrition) and life coaching (mindset tools) and meshed all of that with what I had already learned.

Did I mention, in the end, I lost 135 pounds! I am no longer pre-diabetic or high blood pressure, my hair and nails are healthier than they have ever been, my brain isn’t foggy, I have energy and so much more!?!

This is why I’m here, to share with you exactly how I did it, so that you can see the success too.

I teach 6-week group courses and also 12-week 1-on-1 coaching programs.