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Joanna Kanow

Telluride, 81435

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Telluride, 81435

About Joanna Kanow

I mostly work with people who have been giving so much of their selves to others (family, work, relationships) that they are finally ready to invest in their own wellness in order to start focusing on their own passions and purpose.

I am a coach because I believe everyone is capable of living the life they want to live and are fully able to make positive changes happen, so you can control your life instead of having the circumstances control you.

I help you see what’s possible, decide on attainable action plans, set time lines, and support you to make the leap towards your new idea.

I’m a motivational, compassionate, non-judgmental and supportive coach. I meet you where you are and have a great skill for asking profound questions that help you dig deeper as to what you truly want for yourself. I keep you accountable, give you support, reflect to you your stated desires, and I am completely on your team during your life changing journey. I have the gift of listening deeply and helping you to figure out strategies that will allow you to get going and keep going so you are moving forward.

Coaching sessions with me always take you right to the core to look at what you want and how you can get it by understanding your desires, purpose and what might be holding you back.

In our sessions there is laughter, insight, and reflective listening in a way that you will hear yourself loud and clear for the first time.

I attribute my calm and balance to living a life focused on gratitude, positivity and authentic connections. I have navigated 15 years of marriage and am raising two daughters. I live healthy with Type 1 Diabetes and have helped one of my children manage her Diabetes since age 9. I play in the ocean and mountains, ride my bike, organic garden, DJ on the radio, write young adult fiction novels, play the drum set, and meditate and do yoga to stay sane.