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Renee Bouma


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About Renee Bouma

Renee Bouma has been on a path of personal and spiritual growth for nearly twenty years; exploring numerous avenues of spirituality, personal development, and energy wellness modalities. She has earned a Master of Science degree, is a Certified Professional Coach, a Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher, a Certified Hypnotist, an experienced Workshop Facilitator, and is a highly gifted intuitive. 

Through both workshops and private sessions, Renee supports and empowers people on their own sacred life journeys. She has helped many people to heal from and successfully navigate through emotional trauma, issues from childhood, physical ailments, loss, life altering decisions, the shifting of engrained paradigms, and more. 

With compassion and understanding, she empowers people to raise their own level of awareness around any situation, finding the hidden lessons and gifts held within it, as well as those within themselves. 

Renee strives to bring out the best in each person she works with, gently guiding them to reach their fullest and highest potential in their personal, spiritual and emotional lives.