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Sarah Hamilton


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About Sarah Hamilton

I’m Sarah , a Certified Life Coach and believer in the power of choice and free will. 

 Everything we think in life is a choice… and I’ve learned how to choose those juicy, happy thoughts that bring joy, peace, and comfort. It’s not about bypassing pain or difficulty – it’s about developing the mindfulness that allows you to sit in those challenging moments, detach from judgment, and choose the narrative we want to believe. 

The people who are drawn to working with me are typically experiencing a major life change, dealing with a medical diagnosis, or learning to grapple with grief. Through our work together, using tools like mindfulness and heart-centered communication, you’ll find yourself feeling grounded, empowered, and free to enjoy the present. We can’t escape life, but we can choose how we respond to life. 

I’m honored to help my clients acknowledge their challenges and decide how they want to react – and I hope you’ll find my compassionate approach helpful and sustainable.