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Amir Mousavi


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About Amir Mousavi

Hi. I'm Amir. I'm an ADHD Coach specializing in adults and students (HS and College) with ADHD.

What is an ADHD Coach exactly?

       Life Coach: I'm a certified life coach. The simplest definition of a life coach is somebody who helps clients achieve their personal/professional goals. ADHD clients have goals and dreams just like anybody else. 

       ADHD Expert: I have additional training (beyond my life coaching certification) that focuses on the unique challenges that ADHD presents, such as but not limited to distraction, focus, time management and organization. I also have ADHD myself.  

I employ a mixture of humor, joy and grace in order to engage and inspire my clients to create unprecedented results. I offer one-on-one coaching to individuals who prefer a coaching style with more levity and fun to ultimately gain perspective and purpose.

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