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Catharine Ecton

Washington, 20016

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Washington, 20016

About Catharine Ecton

I believe that by working together we can change our lives one day at a time. My clients believe that they have everything within themselves to create the life they’ve always dreamed of. Contact me today to get started living the exceptional life you've always dreamed of.As a certified professional Life Coach, I specialize in: - Life Transitions Coaching - Career Transitions Coaching - Life Coaching for Women - Midlife Coaching - Empty Nest Coaching - Coaching for the Newly Divorced, Widowed or Single - Retirement Coaching “I don’t need a life coach, my friends motivate and support me.” I’ve heard this rationale for not hiring a Life Coach before. A person who needs to make a big life change thinks she has plenty of support in her life already, why hire someone? Friends, family and bad / inexperienced life coaches are great at: - telling you what to do - giving you advice You can also find plenty of instructions for living your best life on the Internet, or in a self-help book. But only trained and certified Life Coach Catharine Ecton: - helps you come up with the best choices for YOU based on where YOU want to be - helps you develop a custom-tailored, concrete plan to get there - works collaboratively with you - is an expert at the process of changing behavior (much more valuable than instructions / advice when you want to make a change!) "Do I need therapy or a Life Coach?"Making the right choice between one or the other can make a difference in whether you get your needs met or not. Here's a key distinction: - Therapists work with people who have problems with thought patterns, emotions, or ingrained behavioral problems due to trauma or a chemical imbalance that affects the way they see the world. - As a Life Coach, I help clients set up a plan to change their lifestyle, improve their business, or cultivate new relationships. 

I believe that by working together we can change our lives one day at a time.